Join the Band — Shotgun Jimmie


“Join the Band” is a song about the joys of tour, an anthemic guide to life on the road. The end of the night at rock shows is a lousy place to say good bye or so-long to dear friends. Meeting for breakfast the morning after is a sacred practice; a time for quiet (sometimes hung-over) reflection and tender conversation. In the spirit of the song we decided to debut “Join the Band” via the classic Canadian band breakfast stop Aunties & Uncles.

The house music is often Neil Young (they spin entire LPs) and the omelette of the day is always exactly what I need. I particularly enjoy going to Aunties & Uncles with Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) – he and I have shared some of the sunniest mornings there. I sat in on one of the first meetings between You’ve Changed Records and The Weather Station at Aunties & Uncles; everyone fell in love.

– Shotgun Jimmie

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